The Neighborhood

East Williamsburg is now more appealing than ever. Discerning buyers are seeking an established community where they can enjoy an authentic living experience, with plentiful amenities both outside and inside their immediate home.

East Williamsburg is that genuine neighborhood, with longtime residents who’ve been here for generations. Family-owned businesses blend seamlessly with espresso bars and all night diners. A new infusion of diverse cuisine and trendy establishments has endowed it with an exhilarating passion and spirit, while respecting the continuity of the past. It’s distinctly different from the formerly industrial waterfront on the Northside, which was only recently rezoned and developed.

We are centrally located: you’ll find everything you need within blocks of 147 Hope Williamsburg. There are multiple transportation options, including the L/G/J/M/Z subways, and express bus service to Manhattan, and other Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods. Cyclists can take pride in Williamsburg’s bike culture; indeed it is an underlining design theme at 147 Hope. From our building, cruise the many different bike paths to Williamsburg Bridge or to other attractions and destinations around the neighborhoods and boroughs within minutes.